What do we do?

Lifesaving is often associated with lifeguards a swimming pools and/or on beaches who are easily identifiable.  But, the fact is anyone can be trained in lifesaving skills – young and old.

Through our network of clubs and groups, Wessex Branch provides water safety, lifesaving, lifeguard and life support training to its own members and the local community.

  • Train volunteers to become trainer assessors, Survive & Save Instructors, Rookie Instructors to deliver RLSS UK training programmes
  • Encourage young people to become Rookie Instructors and Young Leaders
  • The Survive & Save Programme is available for young people and adults to learn self-rescue, survival and lifesaving skills
  • Rookie Lifeguard introduces the basic life saving, life support and water safety skills to young children
  • Train members of the community to become Community Instructors who can deliver our ‘Save a Life’ courses
  • Run ‘Save a Life’ courses for the local community providing vital basic skills to know what to do in an emergency
  • Water Safety sessions for community groups and uniformed youth organisations