Lifesaving Grants are available for members and clubs to apply for through the branch. The aims of these grants are:

  • The establishment of new Lifesaving clubs and the retention of members and maintenance of existing clubs
  • The development of new competitions or maintenance of existing ones
  • Initiatives to deliver outreach programmes into identified areas of need or target audiences
  • Projects establishing or developing existing Club/School links
  • Projects working in partnership with the local sporting infrastructure
  • Innovative pilot projects developing the theme of  Community Safety and/or Healthy Communities
  • Initiatives that develop new trainers, in particular from within target communities
  • Projects that create access to new or improved facilities
  • Projects that enable the geographic spread of lifesaving education/events

Please DOWNLOAD the Grant Application Pack which contains the grant policy and application form to submit your application.


Please note: All applicants must have been in RLSS UK membership for a minimum period of 6 months prior to the date of the application.