Other Competitions

PBCLSA Twilights

The PBCLSA Twilights happen all year round in both open and closed water.  The winter twilight series are held on each club’s main training night in their pool.  These competitions comprise of rope throw relays, body-board race, rescue relay, gate relay and manikin relay.  The summer twilight series are held on each club’s main training and patrolling beach on a Wednesday evening.  These competitions comprise of a run, wet events, and dry events.  The wet events comprise of a mali board race, a ski race, a taplin relay, and a run-swim-run.  The dry events comprise of beach flags and beach sprints.  The run is divided into a 2Km run for the seniors, and a 1Km run for the juniors.  Click here for more information.

ACPO Police Lifesaving

The ACPO Police Lifesaving Championships are run each year by a different force within Britain.  It is a weekend event that comprises of a dry incident, a wet open water incident and indoor pool events.  This event is open to Officers only, but there are other events throughout the year that are open to Police personnel too.  For more information click here.