Community Lifesaving Awards



Did you know, in the UK ……
  • 77% of people do not know or are uncertain how to perform CPR?
  • Millions of people wouldn’t know how to give basic first aid to another adult?

We offer three Save a Life workshops that will provide you with lifesaving skills to know what to do in an emergency if someone stops breathing.

If you can get a small group together and provide a venue – we’ll provide a volunteer trainer and all the necessary resources and equipment.  Email

Alternatively, please check our website for dates of a workshop running near you.

Save a Baby’s Life

Would you know what to do if your baby stopped breathing?

Save a Baby’s Life is one of the RLSS UK’s community programmes which aims to provide important lifesaving information to local communities.

Save a Baby’s Life workshops are designed to introduce anyone who cares for a baby – parents, grandparents, guardians, friends, babysitters, older siblings – to some basic emergency action skills for when a baby stops breathing.  This 2-hour workshop aims to teach you what to do in an emergency if an infant chokes, stops breathing or drowns.

Save a Child’s Life

One in three people don’t know what to do if a toddler is choking – do you?

Our Save a Child’s Life workshops aim to teach people who look after a  young child what to do in an emergency.  The workshop will give you the skills to know what to do in an emergency if a child stops breathing, chokes or drowns.

Save an Adult’s Life

Would you know what to do if someone stopped breathing or had a cardiac arrest?

Save an Adult’s Life aims to teach members of the community what to do in an emergency and equip them with the skills to help adults who have stopped breathing, are choking or have suffered a heart attack.

Water Safety

We can provide water safety sessions that deliver key messages on safety in, on or near water especially in the National Curriculum.

Ideal to meet the syllabus of Water Safety badges for Brownies & GuidesCubs & Scouts or Sea Rangers.

If you would like someone to come along to your group, please email